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A new story is in the air! The forbidden romance between Chanel and Paul settled for about seven months inside me, while I was giving life to the continuation of The Girl Greenwich. And now that my dear Roberta and his companions are the publisher of the oven, left to sit and .. Giving life to this new story!
I am suspect to talk (a lot!), but this crazy story has not let me sleep! I need to take a turn for the senseless lives of Paul and Chanel to now!
PS: Title done provisionally. Cover idem.

This is the beginning:  

"For Chanel Pontes, Chicago seemed the city of dreams. Determined to live adventures, the girl fruit of a traveler family knows -or at least thinks he knows- what the city has to offer. But one Employment, average grades and flirt for fun there still seem little to her. When approaching a mysterious man at the entrance of a souvenirs shop, she can not imagine how your life will change. After some sudden and engaging meetings, she discovers unusual facts of his life. Paul Thomas is not a regular guy, and although their presence and strong features, it hides terrible secrets. And the fact is completely in love does not prevent the destination covers more demanding answers. His secret is about emerging, and Chanel need to decide: Is she capable of supporting a prohibited and dangerous romance as Paul? In this novel, two hearts are raised to winding positions and the edge of the abyss, teaching a lot about the power of forgiveness and love, and how it can change people so there is a happy ending. "


He had not spotted the prominent arms or jaw. He had healed the abdomen, but his pair of blue eyes made me give thirty around the block, throw a bucket of water on my head and even biting the pillowcase. He had a dazzling smile, a frank way and the voice .. God.. What voice was that? It seemed vocalist band. Radio. Those common men who completely transform the environment when they start talking. I would be hearing his voice for hours and not get tired. Also, it seemed humble, good people, good deeds shareholder, gentleman, had the nails of the cut and well made hands. He was not gay like most of the most fun my friends, nor character in a literary collection. His name was Paul, his height, one meter and 82. I've never been to repair it, but from the first time I saw him in front of a souvenirs shop in Chicago, I was shaken by such a violent shock that I could not breathe for at least twenty seconds. My best friend shook me by the arms and pulled me near a brick wall to view the short time of not being overwhelmed by the mass of people coming from all sides.
I looked around for the last God of the earth among us. Heaven where he was?
-Suzanne- Rolled my eyes at my stout friend, fully tanned and sunglasses. - Where is he?
-He who?
-The..Ah- Gave me that account did not know, and the sudden fear of losing sight of ruffled me. - I do not know his name. He was here a moment. It was so ... Handsome.
I was confused. I could not lose sight of so quickly. Unless .. Damn! I pulled the hand of my friend and I entered the store.
-How tall are you?
As we entered, I heard the clerk ask a tall man a little before us, as soon as we dispel the humid and stuffy air out. I climbed my Ray Ban and tried to concentrate on looking for that to be majestic. The environment provided very nice points of air-conditioning circulation, as well as elegant and expensive souvenirs to take home. Also, just in front of us, there was a section of clothing and gifts. But I do not take my eyes that is phenomenal that stood before me, given the attendant, and my heart gave a violent crack as he spoke.
-I've got 1m82.
One meter and eighty-two. Brightness eyes up, pleased to be well upright in my 1m70 medium heels. I shove myself between the two without thinking and tell him:
-You missed it outside.
I put my hand in the pocket of my shorts and collect anything I may have. The drawn were ten dollars, that shrink like a mouse in my hands.
Extend the note back and pull your hand and put it inside. My friend I've ever looked at me surprised eyes widened and the clerk glared at me with his eyes. Nor I believed I could do it. I took such a strong curveball inside me that I do not know as I have not had a heart attack on the spot.
This man was gorgeous, and a fully unfairly. Tall, buff, tan, white teeth, the voice of ivory.I held the pressure already whistled in my chest and tried to throw open their confused and smiling eyes with conviction.
-Thank you- He spoke, as beautiful as a sunset at sea. - What can I do to repay?
I noticed that he did not let go of my hand.
-You're a friend Roger?
He looks at me puzzled.  Where did I get that name drug?
I try to fix it. -Well, he told me he had a friend like you.
- Like me- he laughed. -And I'm like what?
Oh, wise guy. Wield the Ray Ban back to arm myself.
-High, 1m82 - show the relentless teeth. - In addition, the eyes of the color of the sea and a speaker's voice.
My friend groans from my side and the seller is already retreating. But the electricity between us is clear.
-Um. Maybe, I might fill in the Requirements- he continues to smile.
He has not let go of my hand in all that time. I thank God I did my nails yesterday; right now I'm being flirted by a God who still do not know the name, but that -yes!- was interested in me just as I in him. I hope deeply that we can make this our discovery even more lively than it already is right now. Oh dear. What's gotten into my head? "

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